12 Jan

DIM: A powerful Anti-Cancer Phytonutrient

Today, I would like to write about this phytonutrient called DIM. DIM is the abbreviation for DIINDOLYLMETHANE. This powerful phytonutrient can be found in the cruciferous family which includes broccoli, cauliflower , Brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, turnips,kohlrabi and bok choy.
DIM is not an estrogen or a hormone but it has a powerful hormonal balancing effect in both male and females.



How does it work?
It’s specialized metabolic pathway overlaps with the pathway needed for healthy estrogen metabolism thereby preventing and arresting breast cancer especially hormonal breast cancer, by lowering the activity of an enzyme associated with rapidly advanced breast cancer.

It stops breast cancer through hormone modulation .

It is the ONLY PHYTONUTRIENT that is able to modify Estrogen Metabolism in the direction of the 2-OH Estrogen Pathway. 16-OH is the bad pathway!
DIM Increases the production of 2-OH by 75% and decreases the 16-OH METABOLITE by 50%. This creates the proper balance of estrogen to estrone which is needed to halt and prevent re-occurrence of breast cancer.
DIM has no inherent estrogen activity . It just balances the natural response to estrogen at the specialized receptor molecules in the body . It promotes healthy metabolic and enzymatic pathways for estrogen so that there is no DNA damage and oxidation that would spur the growth of estrogen-sensitive cancers.

Estrogen-sensitive cancers include; breast, prostate, cervical and ovarian cancers. It’s been discovered that the 16-OH METABOLITE causes mutations and abnormal growth that causes cervical dysphasia a precursor to cervical cancers and it increases the risk of breast cancer



What are the other health benefits of DIM?
It is a natural Aromatase Inhibitor . The enzyme Aromatase is involved in the production of estrogen. In menopausal women, estrogen is mainly produced by this enzyme. The chemical or drug equivalent for this action of DIM is a drug called AROMASIN. So DIM is natures AROMASIN.
DIM is cardioprotective because of the -2-OH METABOLITE that is responsible for heart health.
DIM is a powerful ANTI-OXIDANT thus protects the brain.
DIM slows down the production of PSA.
DIM supports immune function.
DIM prevents oxidation of LDL that would lead to clogged arteries.
DIM regulates cell growth.
DIM gets rid of bad and damaged cells.
DIM supports apoptosis which is the process of programmed cell death in which damaged cells( that could turn cancerous) are naturally eliminated from the body.
DIM controls viral infections.
DIM also chokes off the blood supply from tumours . Research shows that DIM is able to stop tumours from completing ANGIOGENESIS (the process whereby cancers create their own blood supply).
DIM also increases the oxygen levels in tumour cells and it’s a known fact that oxygen is the enemy if cancer
*cancer can only grow or thrive in cells that are suffocating from lack of oxygen ( ref: biochemical pharmacology journal May 2008).
DIM Helps men reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which usually results as men getting older, hence it acts as a natural viagra. As it reduces this conversion to estrogen in men , DIM reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
It takes care of erectile dysfunction.
It’s been discovered that pot-bellied men who take DIM, may find their pot bellies receding (www.sciencedaily.com/releasing/2008/12).
DIM is effective against HER-2 cancers- February 2008 molecular therapeutics.
DIM halts invasion and metastasis of cancer cells – March 28,2008 cancer letter.
DIM is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent . It inhibits the release of pro-inflammatory mediators in macrophages – January 2008 journal of nutrition.

Dr. Scott Rollins MD, founder and medical director at integrative medical centre of West Colorado states:
Lower your risk of cancer and help lose weight and build muscle. All remarkable benefits of a simple food supplement called DIM”.
DIM can stimulate the breakdown of fat while encouraging muscle development.
I would say DIM IS a must have daily supplement;┬áHere’s to your health!

12 Jan

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing about a tablespoon of oil in your mouth. I tend to use coconut oil. It is also known as KAVALA or GUNDUSHA. It is a good form of detox. It is usually done for about 20 minutes. You could start off doing 5 -10 minutes and gradually increase to 20 – 30 minutes. Swish the oil around and between your teeth.

This must be done on an empty stomach if you want the detox to be faster and more effective. It must also be done slowly. As with every good habit in life, consistency is key. Oil pulling must become a consistent habit, daily, for good results. It can also be done up to 3 times daily. The oil must not be swallowed as it would have become loaded with bacteria and toxins, it should be spat out into the toilet and not the sink so the oil doesn’t block the sink. At the time the oil is spat out, it should have become a white, thick foam. If the oil is clean or yellow at the time it is spat out, it indicates the oil pulling process wasn’t well done.

After oil pulling, rinse out mouth with salt water. I use organic pink Himalayan salt, it is also what I use in cooking. You can then brush your teeth as usual. It is a good idea to drink one or two cups of lukewarm water after.


Oils that can be used for oil pulling are:
I. Coconut oil
2. Sesame seed oil
3. Olive oil
4. Macadamia nut oil

It is also a good idea to change the type of oil used. This renews the potency of oil pulling.


How Does it Work?
1. The oil dissolves plaque and tartar hence the teeth become whiter.
2. Bacteria from the mouth get pulled off by the oil.
3. The mucus in the mouth dissolves in the oil because it is oil soluble. I have suffered from sinus issues for years and every day whilst oil pulling, my sinuses are drained of mucus. It works!!!
4. The oil used infuses the body with EFAS – Essential Fatty Acids. This is done sublingually (i.e under the tongue as you swish around). The EFAS bypass the gastric juices of the stomach because it’s absorbed SIL and goes straight into the bloodstream. The EFA’s omega-3 and omega-9 are very good for the skin. People who have had skin problems testified that it cleared up with their consistent oil pulling habits. It helps to clear up acne, dandruff etc.


Oil pulling is a good remedy for a number of ailments like
1. Allergies
2. Gingivitis – there have been testimonies of people who have overcome gingivitis after I taught them about oil pulling.
3. Gum disease
4. Skin disorders
5. Arthritis – bacteria that triggers arthritis are removed during oil pulling.

I have been practising oil pulling for a few years now and I have experienced so many benefits. I can’t go a day without oil pulling anymore.

I challenge you to start up a new and healthy habit – oil pulling!!! Reduce the number of trips you and your family make to the dentists. You can begin by using our newly stocked Ma Devlin’s extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. 500ml bottles sold at a very affordable price.