16 Jan




It’s obtained from young coconuts harvested at the age of 5-7 months as that’s the best time to get more water . In Sanskrit, coconuts are called “KALPA VRIKSHA” which means “TREE THAT GIVES ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR LIVING”

Coconut water was used especially during the Second World War for IV HYDRATION because of its high electrolyte content and it’s also sterile when taken directly from the coconut. In fact it has a similar electrolyte profile to human blood hence was also used for blood transfusion during that same war when there was blood scarcity.

It is low in calories, has natural sugar , little protein and is fat free. It also contains vitamins like: C, B1, B2, NIACIN, B6, B9,B12, CHOLINE and PANTOTHENIC ACID. It contains the following minerals : CALCIUM, IRON, MAGNESIUM, PHOSPHORUS, SODIUM, ZINC,COPPER, MANGANESE ,  SELENIUM and POTASSIUM which is its primary nutrient. The amount of potassium is about 600mg.

Thus coconut water is high in electrolytes that are very important  for :

1) Blood volume
2) Heart health
3) Rehydration
4) Maintaining muscle relaxation due to its calcium and magnesium content. Magnesium is the” relaxation” mineral
5) Reducing stress and fatigue

1) Cleansing and detox
2) Lowers LDL  cholesterol and triglyceride levels ESPECIALLY THE CHOLESTEROL IN THE HEART
3) Lowers blood pressure. It was discovered to have lowered the systolic blood pressure by 71% and diastolic by 29% when compared to those who just drank water. It’s high potassium level counteracts the effect of sodium in the body which raises blood pressure
4) It’s actually called “NATURES ENERGY DRINK”!

Comparing it with energy drinks , coconut water does not contain most of the bad ingredients that other energy drinks contain such as:

  • High caffeine content which causes palpitations, digestive issues, dizziness, irritability, headaches, withdrawal symptoms and nausea . In fact the amount of caffeine in 2 energy drinks is equivalent to the amount in 12 cans of regular soft drinks
  • High Sugar , sweeteners and HFCS which cause metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity
  • High combination of ginseng , ginkgo biloba, Guarana which when combined with high caffeine and sugar content lead to
  • High blood pressure, insomnia , headaches, palpitations , swelling , dehydration and kidney failure
  • Too much B vitamins like B3 and B6 that cause GIT problems, liver toxicity, blurred vision, nerve damage and some skin conditions . In fact it’s been discovered that the energy drink called MONSTER contains 200% of the DV of NIACIN
  • High LEVELS of Taurine. Too much of it lowers blood pressure and affects the natural nitrogen balance of the body
  • Coconut water helps reduce cellulite
  • AIDS weight loss
  • Boosts energy

When you compare coconut milk to the water, the milk is much higher in calories, fat, protein , fiber , minerals (except sodium) and vitamins

I love coconut water!!!
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