23 May


This seems to be the latest buzzword!
However is it a new thing ? NO!!! This process/ practice  has been around for a very long time
What is detox?
Simply put , it’s the process of removing ” toxins” from the body. Toxins are substances that can be poisonous or cause negative health effects
We live in a very modern world now where pollution and production of toxins is at a record high and this has affected our health . A research was done on day old/ newborn babies  to measure the level of toxins they carried. Amazingly , the results showed that they had in their bloodstream more than 200 toxic and cancer causing chemicals AT BIRTH!!!
1) 1 in 6 children have a neuropsychological disorders due to toxins
2) Autism, which is associated with exposure to toxins now affects 1 in every 100 people
3) More than 80,000 man-made chemicals are released into the atmosphere every year and unfortunately fewer than 5000 of them have been tested to determine their toxic effects on humans
Our bodies are like an amazing machine that does a good job of taking care of itself . However the body can be overwhelmed by the amount of toxins it’s exposed to and hence affect its detox capacity . So detoxifying  arms our bodies in supporting its detox efforts. One way to do this is via our diet. So detox does the following :
1) Decrease our toxic burden
2) Strengthen our elimination organs ( using science based and proven programs)
3) Minimize symptoms in our bodies
1) Ease of weight loss which is a big problem . Many people try to lose weight but can’t because they need to detoxify first so that the toxins stored in the fat cells can be removed . Then the fat dissolves
2) Extends healthy life . Health is wealth
3) Reduces risk of infections
4) Smoother and healthier skin
5) Reduce bloating
6) Reduces water retention
7) Increased energy
8) Reduces PMS
9) Helps prevent chronic illnesses
9) Reduces belly fat
10) Removes bad breadth
11) Reduce constipation
I must warn that there are many detox drinks etc out there  that are not science or evidence based. We need to be careful . At óla herbs and greens we have our own certified DETOX SPECIALIST who is also a qualified pharmacist of over 30 years experience . We provide personalized programs
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