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Being a nutritionist , nutritional therapist who is also a pharmacist of over 34 years experience,  I’m very passionate about health even as my Heavenly Father is !
There are so many illnesses out there that a healthy lifestyle can prevent or reverse. Today in our modern world with our modern day diet , chronic illnesses abound like cardiovascular disease , diabetes, metabolic syndrome , cancer, etc.

Medical science uses measurements like cholesterol levels , sugar levels , blood pressure measurement etc to monitor or predict our predisposition to these illnesses . However today I want to write on this relatively unknown subject or substance called HOMOCYSTEINE : the H-Factor which is a more accurate predictor of most illnesses.

Homocysteine is an amino acid naturally produced in our blood during methionine metabolism  via a key process called METHYLATION! However if there’s a genetic defect or problem with the breakdown of homocysteine , then there’s trouble !!!

High levels of homocysteine cause the following:

1)Damage the cells lining our arteries.

2)Increased incidence of blood clotting.

3) Oxidation of LDL – the bad cholesterol .

All these lead to heart disease . It’s homocysteine level that’s the better predictor of heart disease etc.

Homocysteine levels will predict your vulnerability to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s , Diabetes complications  , Cancer, etc .
It reflects the HEALTH OF YOUR GENES!!! Epigenetic’s now proves that we are not doomed by our genes. The food you daily eat modifies your genes for good or bad.

Our H-Score is more important than your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels . It’s THE MOST VITAL , PREVENTABLE AND REVERSIBLE HEALTH STATISTIC that medicine has discovered. Unfortunately it’s not being taken advantage of.

H – score is more accurate in predicting:

1) Heart disease, strokes than cholesterol levels.
2) Alzheimer’s better than genes.
3) How we age.
4) Our risk of over 50 diseases which include increased risk of premature death from all common causes.
5) How we would cope with the stress of life.
6) Vulnerability to CANCER – Research published by the New England journal of medicine using 45,000 pairs of twins found that cancer is more likely to be caused by diet and lifestyle choices than genes . Identical twins who were genetically the same had no more than 15% chance of developing the same cancer . This thus shows that most cancers are 85% environmental – diet , lifestyle and exposure to toxic chemicals . Cancer is triggered largely by damage to DNA and having a high H-score means your DNA is more vulnerable to damage  and poorly repaired once damaged . Forms of cancer now clearly linked to high H-score are: breast, colon and leukemia among others.

The H Factor diet and supplements would cut your cancer risk by over 50% !!!

H-Score RANGE:
Normal : 4-15 micromoles per liter
Unhealthy : above 15 ( 15-30)
Optimal ; below 10-12

Reducing our scores by just 5 points leads to 50% reduced death rates for cardiovascular disease , 26% reduced death rate from cancer and 104% reduced death rate from any other causes other than cancer and heart disease

Mr X  Aged 56 started getting excessively tired, breathless, frequent headaches, eye pressure ( glaucoma). High blood pressure of 180/120 was put on 2 drugs that reduced it to 140/75 ( which is still above normal ) , plus stooped coffee, a few dietary changes .

However his H-Score was a massive 42.8 hence he was in the very high risk category . He started the H Factor Diet and 6 homocysteine  lowering  daily supplements and when tested after 2 months his score had dropped by 80% to 8.2, his blood pressure dropped to 124/77. He then reduced to 2 of the supplements a day for maintenance . What his blood pressure tablets could not  do , the H-factor diet and supplements did in 2 months.

The key H-factor supplements are:
Vitamins B2, B6, B9, B12
Key mineral is zinc
Key methylation nutrient is TMG
These are keys to proper methylation that guarantee healthy  and optimal H-score in addition to a health H- factor diet.

H-Factor DIET:
Leafy greens
Probiotics like yogurt – healthy unsweetened yogurts  e.g. Coconut yogurt  which we produce at ola herbs and greens, Greek yogurt
Gut friendly foods like bone broth ( this is a power house and we make this at ÓLA HERBS AND GREENS, chia seeds, flaxseed , nuts
Healthy fats like Avocado , Coconut oil , Olive oil
High fiber foods
Green juices
Foods high in vitamins B and more
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