23 Oct


God before creating man had put everything in place for man’s comfort, including the RIGHT NOURISHMENT for man – Genesis 1:29.

Unfortunately , modern man has decided that God’s good isn’t good enough therefore a lot has been done to modify what we eat leading to serious health problems.
A typical example is WHEAT, an ancient grain ( Picture shown below) Psalm 81:16, Deuteronomy 32:14

Let’s look at what modernization has done :
1) Today’s wheat isn’t the same as the ancient God-given wheat!!! It’s been ‘Hybridized’ and ‘Cross-bred’ with other grains and species!  WHY ?
For higher yield.

The result is that the wheat is now high in Carbohydrate, most of which is Starch ( hence Pot-bellies and General Weight-gain ).

Also a higher level of Gluten which causes allergic reactions in the intestines and results in Coeliac disease. It’s been so bastardized that it’s causing a lot of chronic diseases.

Gluten is now modified gluten called Super-gluten . It damages the digestive lining, leading to Leaky-gut, causes Weight-gain , Diabetes and Auto-immune Diseases.

Let’s remember that 70% of our God-given immune system is located in the digestive area.



Modern wheat is now high in Amylopectin A which is now also a Super-carbohydrate. This Carbohydrate raises blood sugar faster than any Carbohydrate – Yet Doctors are recommending it for Diabetics . It’s the worst food for Diabetics.

Modern wheat is digested into shorter proteins called Exorphins which are similar to Endorphins .

These bind and stimulate morphing receptors in the brain and cause an addiction .

Wonder why you are addicted to bread and pastries ? THAT’S WHY !
Finally, the processing into flour just destroys it. They remove the Bran and Germ which are the most nutritious parts ( more than 20 Vitamins and Minerals are removed) to increase storage or shelf life . Good must spoil !!!

The Germ which the Bible calls the kidney of wheat is one of the richest sources of vitamins B and E, two essential fats and proteins.

The Bran is high in Fiber and prevents blood glucose from rising sharply, it is rich in proteins, some B Vitamins and Trace Minerals .

So what we get as modern flour from modern wheat is just the Endosperm that is loaded with the Super-carbohydrate, some Protein and some B Vitamins . The most powerful and nutritious parts have been removed and re-sold as health foods at exorbitant prices. They try to fortify it with a few vitamins and even the iron they add is impure and cheap and is contaminated with Mercury, Lead and Cadmium, horrible heavy metals in the body .

Do you wonder why Cancer is rampant and other Chronic Diseases?

When we alter the Creator’s design negatively the end result is bad.

Even the so-called Whole-wheat flour is nothing but White flour (bleached Endosperm) with a little added Bran.

To get ancient wheat we would need pure whole non modified grains grown organically and milled without anything removed.


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